2019-2020 Project GLAD® 2 Day Research & Theory Workshop
Section: INST20200029

OCDE Project GLAD is a rigorous professional development model based on a collaboration of research-based effective classroom strategies. When considering the instructional supports ELs need, it is crucial to identify the roles of Sheltered Instruction and English Language Development.

*Gain awareness on how the OCDE Project GLAD Professional Development model is an integrated balanced language approach to language acquisition.
*Explore OCDE Project GLAD (new) research base
*Gain Information on 21st Century Skills
*Acquire effective strategies to differentiate and scaffold the development of academic language and literacy; strengthening content comprehension
*Share understanding on how to explicitly teach ELD within OCDE Project GLAD Model
*Experience the joy and excitement of teaching and learning

  • event
    8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
    District Office, Main Board Room
  • event
    8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
    District Office, Main Board Room
To earn clock hours, participants must sign rosters and complete the evaluation below within 7 work days of last session.

This course is in the evaluation period. If you attended, contact the registrar to be enrolled in the course. You have 7 days from the final session to evaluate.
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