Propose a new Professional Development Course

View the new Catalog to assure that you are not proposing a course that conflicts with an existing course.

1.  For clock hours your course must be at least 3 hours (can be multiple sessions).
Click here to add a course to our catalog that is less than 3 hours or does not qualify as professional development. 

2.  Course must be approved before being added to our catalog.  Therefore the application for clock hours must be at least 5 WORKING DAYS prior to the first course session. The course must meet the following WAC to be approved.
• WAC 181-85-200
In-service education programs provided by approved in-service education agencies shall meet the following program standards:
      (1) The objectives of the in-service program -- i.e., intended outcomes -- shall be written for each in-service education program.
      (2) The content of the in-service education program shall be set forth in a program agenda which shall specify the topics to be covered, the days and times of each presentation, and the names and short description of qualifications of each instructor -- e.g., degrees and current professional position.
      (3) All in-service education instructors shall have academic and/or professional experience which specifically qualifies them to conduct the in-service education program -- e.g., a person with expertise in a particular subject, field, or occupation.
      (4) Program materials, including the program agenda, prepared, designed, or selected for the in-service education program shall be available to all attendees.

3.  If the course is not approved, you will be notified and you can re-apply.  But you should still use the registration system and the course will be entered as a course with 0 clock hours available.

4.  The form must be filled out at APPLICATION FORM

5.  You will be notified within 48 hours if your course has been approved and added to our catalog. 

If you need any help or support with proposing a course contact