Marzano Instructional Framework Training - Newbery 2023-2024

Section: INST20240020


Responses: 5

"Providing time to work with peers and ask clarifying questions was very helpful for me."
"I appreciate the guidance and the time to work on all of the comprehensive material."
"This helped me to stay the course and collect my artifacts throughout the year."
"Ample time to work on what was needed individually with excellent guidance in each area. Thank you for offering this."
"Time to actually work and put things together"
Responses: 1

"Possibly defining the focus of each meeting in an outline styleat the beginning of the year (explain process, analyze rubric, supported work session, etc) and having that outline available in our folder or agenda/ sent as a reminder with the meeting or on the calendar."
Responses: 0

Responses: 3

"This class helps to provide clarity in the comprehensive eval progress which I really appreciated. It saved me a lot of time and helped me to focus my efforts on exactly what I need to provide!"
"Thank you, I appreciated the class!"
"Thank you!"