2022-2023 Conflict and Communication Skills Training

Section: INST20230116


Responses: 10

"Friendly and relaxed instructor "
"Excellent course. The content and practical exercises were very relevant."
"Jill created an interactive space"
"The instructor, Jill Busby made this training fun and interactive. I was able to get helpful, useful information and ideas for conflict and de-escalation, as well as, ways to take care of myself and also from working with others in breakout rooms. I also like the Zoom options for these trainings. "
"Kept us engaged the whole time"
"Time to respond "
"Awesome instructor that was knowledgeable in her field. "
"It was a great course and very applicable to my job."
"Instructors were knowledgeable. "
"Good peer to peer communication activities."
Responses: 9

"It is hard being on Zoom for 4 hours. "
"I thought it was great"
"Zoom trainings make it easier for those of us with kids to be able to do what we need to do but also be available for our kids when there is no school. I think there should be more options for zoom or asynchronous trainings on these days."
"Shorten the time for each breakout room session"
"No great class"
"Less breakout room time."
"None at this time."
"The breakout rooms were just too long and uncomfortable."
Responses: 6

"I have no questions "
"None at this time."
Responses: 9

"Would highly recommend this course."
"Great instructor! Learned a lot!"
"Great training, very helpful"
"Thank you for this opportunity."
"Great info "
"More online courses like this would be appreciated. "
"See strengths."
"The breakout rooms times were too long because some of the zoom participants did not turn on the cameras or microphones. No interactions and it was awkward!"