2022-2023 WSD Professional Learning Day - Oct. 14th - Pioneer

Section: INST20230093


Responses: 7

"The state training was great and we secondary librarians took a lot back with us to use. "
"Time with my content area"
"I liked that we were able to work with our PLC teams and work on our units."
"The modeling was very helpful"
"Very succinct and well-done from the presenter!"
"Having a document that has all of our priority standards in one place, there are so many different links!"
"The afternoon guest was knowledgable and had good supporting materials."
Responses: 4

"Listen to the people who go to the training. Love Amber and her enthusiasm but one of our secondary librarians already had the same training and the state training was what really was usable for librarians. "
"time to decide what words will be done for each unit, plan UBD"
"I would've liked the ability to see some of the different modifications that could be made to the G&V especially regarding special needs students."
"Please show multiple documents for different content areas"
Responses: 2

"Will we have time to flush out more of the priority standards, we completed two."
Responses: 3

"Thank you, Amber!"