2022-2023 Admin Advance: Engaging Leaders as Learners

Section: INST20230002


Responses: 15

"The combined use of the Padlet resources and time spent meeting maximized the opportunity to share important information. Great use of time."
"Limited topics and team time to work on the topics."
"Best Advance we had in years"
"Chunks of content with processing/work time. Also making explicit connections of everything to our strategic plan. The power of people’s stories is amazing!"
"Organized, concise"
"Team time -- It was nice to have time to work with out colleagues. Thank you. The amount of info was just right. Thanks for having admin spotlight be on our department leaders as well as our new principal. It was so nice to get to learn more about them. "
"Appreciated the organization and structure over the two days. There was opportunity to interact with others as well as receive pertinent information."
"A lot of focused time with district initiatives and time to work collaboratively with my elementary admin team"
"Team time around various topics."
"Great opening and great presentations."
"Well organized and facilitated!"
"Very well organized and concise content."
"Bill's opening session on Leadership was excellent! The 2 day timeframe was perfect- not too short and not too long."
"Time for planning with structures "
"Lots of collab time, strong expectations aligned to the promise"
Responses: 3

"Keep Bill as Supe. We need someone that is transparent, invested and willing to fight for our District to bring back the trust we've lost within our community "
"Small one - Encourage/remind presenters to move or stay by the podium. I appreciated presenters who moved back and forth at the front of the room. The support post obscured the view of some people if they stayed front and center."
Responses: 2

"Can Bill Eagle stay longer than 1 year?!! Can a community patten like the juvenile justice team be included in the future?"
"Do we have any Covid restrictions this year? We did not touch on that during our time together."
Responses: 6

"Appreciate the time and effort Cabinet/Admin put into making this event happen. "
"A extremely positive and supportive tone was set for the upcoming year in spite of some difficult news being shared. Well planned, well organized, well presented. Thank you!"
"I appreciated the long lunch as well as the opportunity to each with peers. Thank you for balancing time with games throughout as well."
"Thank you!"
"Appreciated the clear information regarding the budget situation."
"Thank you!"