2023-2024 Mentor Teacher - Adams University Counseling Student Teaching Placement
Section: INST20240084

On-Site Supervision:

On-site supervision is a tutorial and mentoring form of instruction in which a supervisor
monitors the student’s activities in Practicum, facilitates the associated learning and skill
development experiences, and monitors and evaluates the work of the student while monitoring the quality of services offered to clients/students. All students must contract with an approved on-site supervisor to oversee the 100 clock hours of service. Students will meet with the on-site supervisor for an average of 1 clock hour per week to discuss direct service and other professional activities. On-site supervisors are expected to provide formative feedback on the student’s counseling skills in addition to personal and professional dispositions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they meet for supervision throughout the full academic semester.

On-Site Supervisor minimum requirements can be found in the Supervisor Manual on file with HR.

  • event
    8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Lewis & Clark, TBD
To earn clock hours, participants must sign rosters and complete the evaluation below within 7 work days of last session.

This course is not open for enrollment.