Shifting Schools Trainings - Chrome Extensions and Inbox Zero - Remote/Virtual Course 2023-2024
Section: TECH20240012

This course contains a series of presentations and videos created by the Shifting Schools organization. It focuses on two main features of Gmail and Chrome:

1. Inbox Zero - an approach to email management that aims to keep an inbox empty and keep you more organized as you deal with the onslaught of email messages that fill inboxes to the point of overwhelming their recipients, making their work and personal lives more complicated and stressful, rather than easier. Learn to use two different approaches to Gmail's inbox to manage emails and reduce your workload.

2. Three Chrome Extensions - learn to use three Chrome extensions to enhance your presentation design. This section focuses on UnSplash, Mote and Flaticon and how you can use them to set a positive tone and create presentations that are more engaging.

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    8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Online, Log in for link
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