2022-2023 Safety Care (Chapters 1-3)
Section: SAFE20230021

“A training program for staff working with children, adolescents, or adults who may exhibit challenging or dangerous behavior. The focus is prevention, safety, and humane, supportive, evidence-based interventions.” (Safety Care trainee manual, OBS, 1997-2016).

It is designed to be part of an interdisciplinary approach.

Safety Care teaches conditions associated with challenging behavior, the ABC model, reinforcement, how behavior is maintained through reinforcement, and the behavior trap. Trainees will also learn incident prevention and incident minimization.

Introduction: Understanding Challenging Behaviors, The ABC’s
Incident prevention: supportive environment, safety habits, reinforcement
Incident Minimization: antecedents, leadership/teamwork, de-escalation

  • event
    7:30 AM to 3:00 PM
    Sunnyslope, Room 330
To earn clock hours, participants must sign rosters and complete the evaluation below within 7 work days of last session.

This course is in the evaluation period. If you attended, contact the registrar to be enrolled in the course. You have 7 days from the final session to evaluate.
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