2021-2022 Lunita Training
Section: INST20220033

This course is designed for 2nd grade Spanish Literacy teachers and Intervention Specialists.
Explicit and Authentic
The Lunita program provides explicit skill development in vocabulary, comprehension and fluency while incorporating all of the different learning modalities. The Estrellita K-1 curriculum introduces blending using Vowel and Consonant-Vowel Sílabas blends which represents about 49% of Sílabas blends in Spanish. The Estrellita Lunita program provides the additional Sílabas blends covering another 48% of words in Spanish. These blends, combined with the blends taught in the Estrellita K-1 curriculum provide for a total of 99% of words in Spanish.

The Estrellita Lunita program utilizes the same pattern students have become familiar with: Sílabas, Palabras, Oraciones and Cuentitos. The different Sílabas blends are incorporated into four Student Booklets.

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    3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
    District Office, Ben's Place

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