2022-2023 WSD Professional Learning Day - March 21st - Pioneer

Section: INST20230151


Responses: 6

"Relevant to what we are doing in the classroom"
"Getting to meet with content areas and have discussions at our school."
"Breakout groups were well organized."
"Collaborating with district team members and Curriculum Coaches are so valuable."
"We accomplished our goals."
"I appreciated the opportunity to discuss implementation strategies with peered groups. That helped make the training more applicable to class sitations. "
Responses: 1

"It would be great to have a greeter in the morning at the doors if the building cannot be unlocked. Also, I don't think our horizontal team time had a designated facilitator. That would make that time be more productive. "
Responses: 1

"How is the district going to implement data collection, SMART goals, and everything else that has been done with major support by our curriculum coaches at each middle school building? we are eliminating their positions. I do not have the time during the day to get this done on my own. "
Responses: 2

"Thank you for your leadership!"
"I really enjoyed meeting the other teachers from Orchard and Foothills. "